Testimonials - HenX - Logistics in Entertainment


We are very grateful for the continuing support of our customers and friends who are there for us as much as we are there for them. This is what they say about us.

Lunchbox Theatrical Productions

I’m very pleased to recommend HenX logistics for their assistance in any and all freight moves around the world. Since first working with HenX on Riverdance, Hong Kong in 2011 we’ve done numererous large scale musicals in Asia and New Zealand including Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, Starlight Express, Dirty Dancing as well as a variety of smaller scale shows including our international tours of the Imperial Ice Stars, Santa Claus, Stomp and Potted Potter.
Throughout all of these productions HenX’s services have been of the highest quality. They’re always prompt to respond to quotes, issues and concerns and most importantly ensure that there is always someone onsite to help co-ordinate and manage the projects. They’ve always delivered on time and on budget and are now our preferred freight handler.
I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Paul Mansfield
Executive Producer
Lunchbox Theatrical Productions


Riverdance moves to very tight and demanding schedules, all over the world, all year round. We simply cannot be late - ever, as we have audiences waiting for us at every stop and it is imperative that our trucks are on schedule and that everything is carried safely. We trust HenX to keep us on schedule. We trust HenX to deliver - because they always do.

Julian Erskine
Senior Executive Producer

Feld Entertainment

I’m pleased to recommend HenX to your company. Over the past several years, I have worked directly with Henk Evelaar, the principal of HenX, on numerous tours for Disney On Ice as well as the Disney Live stage shows.
Our Disney shows routinely play Australasia and throughout Europe every year with HenX as our transportation provider. During these projects, HenX’s services have been top-notch, and we are very pleased with the work they’ve done for us. They truly understand the traveling entertainment business and the necessity of detailed planning and ongoing communication. Henk’s group excels in both of these areas. In addition, HenX has always been on time and on budget with the tours for our company.
I recommend HenX without hesitation and will continue to use them on future projects. HenX gets the job done and done well.

Thomas K Higgerson
VP Transportation and Logistics
Feld Entertainment Inc.

The relationship between Feld Entertainment and Henx has grown dramatically over the years thanks to the dedication and outstanding customer service HenX provides. We always look to find service providers that we can build a partnering relationship with and in this regard, HenX has risen above the rest. HenX meets our time sensitive shipment deadlines while successfully navigating the ever-changing landscape of international customs regulations throughout the world. We enjoy doing business with HenX and view HenX as part of our extended corporate family. Thanks for your effort and service!

Valerie Wilhite
Senior Manager, International Logistics & Transportation Concessions
Feld Entertainment, Inc.

Gearhouse Splitbeam

It has been a pleasure working with you over the last few years on many large touring theatre productions, (Jersey Boys Asia Tour, Dirty Dancing Asian Tour, The Sound Of Music Asian Tour) you and your company have always been very honest and reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.
I always feel confident that the goods will arrive on time and in good condition, you and your company make my job so much easier.
I hope that we have many more years working together touring productions around Asia and the World.

Alistair Kilbee
Managing Director
Gearhouse Splitbeam (Pty) Ltd


Just a big , BIG THANK YOU to the 2 of you for all your hard work during the last 2 shows.
Once again you showed you are a very professional and didn't let us down, we all know how hard and difficult the entire process was and we really appreciate it.
Now, we that been said...lets go back to work and do it all over again!!!!!!!!!! at least you'll have a little bit of vacations from us.
Thank you guys, very much!!!!!!!

Ernesto Corti
Production Manager