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Entertainment logistics

We have a 15 year track record in the world of traveling Entertainment shows. Our main customers in this industry are Feld Entertainment and Stage Entertainment (Ice Age Live). We have been moving these productions since 2000, making HenX very familiar with the needs and requirements of these productions.

Worldwide Entertainment

Feld Entertainment is the world’s biggest producer of traveling entertainment shows and is one of our most loyal customers. Feld produces (amongst others) Disney on Ice, Disney Live and Monster Jam. Feld works with HenX in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle East and South Africa.
These large scale productions vary from 6 container loads for Disney Live, 12 for Monster Jam and 21 containers for Disney on Ice.

Worldwide Merchandise

Merchandise is a very big part of the production. HenX handles, moves and imports the merchandise for Feld in all parts of the world. The merchandise volume is considerable; one 40 foot high cube container, or even more.

Worldwide Leverage

The continued support of our customers gives HenX leverage in all corners of the world, the majority of the shows return on a yearly basis to most countries with 2 or more productions per year.
Thanks to Feld and Stage we are able to offer you vast (local) experience, a proven track record and a leverage that will benefit your budget for sure.
But most important of all, we are able to offer you one consistent high service level in any country of your tour with one point of contact.

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