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The people that are there for you.

This is what it's all about: HenX biggest asset is our crew, a tightly knit group of experienced, intelligent and creative hands-on logistics solution providers, seasoned when it comes to planning, cargo handling, customs clearance, and everything in between, around and beyond getting your show on the road. It’s also about who you know: our people know the right people – selected, tried and tested – to get any facet and stage of the job done for you on time and as economical as possible, anywhere on the planet.

Ede, The Netherlands:

Managing Director EMEA: Marco Jilissen
Controller: Jack Naudé
Operations Manager: Patricia Veenhof - de Jong
Logistics Manager: Diana Boerboom
Administrator: Roxanne Herfst
Best Warehouse Manager in the World: Ben van Hierden
Accountant: Kevin Wallenburg
Sales Manager: Casper van den Bos

London, United Kingdom:

General Manager: Simon Havercroft

Bangkok, Thailand:

Managing Director APAC: Angelica M. Ajero
Logistics Manager: Pai Chittreekhun
Merchandise Manager: Barry Lawson
Administrator: Tar Suphavadeeprasit


Director: Andy Lim

Melbourne, Australia:

General Manager: Renee Hooper

Hong Kong:

Director: YS Chan

Yangon, Myanmar:

Acting director and shareholder of HenX Myanmar: Mr. Naing Mynth


Owner: Henk Evelaar

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