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Our Promise to you

We want to be in control of your worldwide entertainment logistics and promise you we will do whatever it takes to get your show on the road, or in the air, or across the water, literally. Our belief is that show logistics requires special attention and isn’t just simply about moving crates and containers from A to B and onwards. That’s why at HenX we invest extra time and attention into what we call the first and last mile.

It's All About the First and Last Mile

The first mile is about you and us: selecting and preparing the optimal way to get your deliverables to where they need to go. And the last mile is about control: dealing with customs, retrieving your deliverables as soon as possible and getting them on-site wherever, whenever and however you want it. We have not missed a deadline, nor lost a cubic inch of deliverables since we began back in 2000. And we have no intention of doing otherwise. Period.

HenX: There for You.


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