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How we work for you.

HenX’s organic structure allows us to be personally involved in any stage and facet of the logistics process. This means you will have a single point of contact for your entire tour. Here’s how we go about getting your show on the road:

The planning stage:

We will assist you with the logistics of the tour, and offer advice on whether a leg is feasible or not and which alternatives are available. We provide this service as part of our standard service package at no extra charge.

The budget:

Once the tour is set up and the logistics requirements are clear, we will offer you a best-price quote using the best possible modality with which we can guarantee timely delivery. No worries: we always stick to our quotes, and will meticulously outline any potential bottle necks and backup options built into them. There are no surprises, ever.

The operational planning stage:

In cooperation with you, HenX plans timings and venue details, plus arranges to make contact at departure and arrival, origin and destination, to ensure the operation runs as smoothly as planned.

Managing the logistics:

We continually monitor your shipments and keep full control over the logistics chain, giving us operational flexibility if the circumstances would require so.

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