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Company milestones

HenX, founded in the Netherlands during June 1999.

2001: Start of the Entertainment business with Feld Entertainment and Riverdance

2003: Life Logistics is established specializing in Break Bulk distribution of electronic spare parts

2006: HenX Asia Ltd is established in Hong Kong, our Asian business is expanding rapidly

2008: HenX Singapore Pte Ltd is established

2009: Opening of our offices in Singapore in May, our stronghold in Asia with our own people.

2010: HenX Thailand is established (aka Spot On Logistics) in Bangkok

2011: HenX Australia is set up in Melbourne. Our business in Australia is booming

2012: HenX Myanmar is established, a move for the future.

2014: Asian head-office is moved to Bangkok, Singapore office remains as a regional office.

2015: HenX Australia relocated to Sydney.

2016: HenX Europe officially certified as Authorized Economic Operator - Full (AEO-F).

2016: HenX Europe UK Ltd. is established, strengthening our commitments.

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