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There for you.

At HenX, we are entertainment logistics specialists. Our area of expertise is planning and managing the best and most appropriate solution for your transportation requirements, both domestic and international. We are there for you, on the ground, in the air, at sea and most importantly, when it matters.

Hands on and Personal

We are hands on and personal, we take responsibility and never point the finger elsewhere but to ourselves.
HenX's biggest assets are its employees. They are highly trained, educated and intelligent; maintain a high level of customer service, they are focused, hands on, practical, think in solutions and have worldwide experience in cargo handling and customs clearance.

First and Last Mile

We adhere to the principle of the first and the last mile: before the first mile we make the plan for the logistics involved in the operation. Before the last mile we make sure that the cargo is delivered hassle free and on time.

Lean and Mean

HenX strives to be the best in the industry with regards to customer service, reliability, trustworthiness, and pricing. To achieve these goals we have specifically set up a lean and mean company with a focus on its employees. We are therefore able to choose the best method of operation against the best price at the moment of our customer’s needs.

HenX: There for you.


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